The Frisian Staby Club of Finland


The Frisian Staby Club of Finland, or FSCF in short, is a breed association for the stabyhoun breed, founded on February 24, 2013.

The goal of the association is to promote knowledge of the breed and its health, breeding and dog hobby activities suited for the breed. In addition, the association aims to create active collaboration with both domestic and foreign breed associations.

One of the main goals is to increase hobby activities in Finland. The plan is to increase opportunities for activities ranging from different training courses to events and lectures. Ideas and suggestions from members are key to achieving this goal!

Another main goal is to increase collaboration with other breed associations. Developing the breed requires open and continuous interaction, especially between breed clubs in different countries.

FSCF aims to organize activities that serve stabyhouns and their owners. So why not join yourself in the activities of the FSCF: hobbies, learning new things and getting to know other stabyhoun owners!